Appeals Court Heard Oral Arguments of SFFA vs Harvard

Consistent with public health guidance and ongoing efforts to mitigate the risk of community transmission of COVID-19, the court conducted oral argument remotely in this case on Wednesday, September 16, 2020.


“The Department of Justice is leading its own investigation against Harvard’s admissions process, which was ongoing as of December 2019. In a separate investigation, the Justice Department found last month that Yale University also discriminates against Asian American applicants.”

SFFA Files Appeal Brief in Harvard Admissions Case



The official document of the brief is here.


Most importantly:

As you can imagine, this is just the beginning of what will likely be a long and intense legal battle. Most observers believe this case will ultimately be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. It is possible the final resolution of our lawsuit is another two years away.

Of course, it is very expensive for a small organization like SFFA to continue this fight.

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Excerpt from Edward Blum’s email:

We make four important points:

  • The court failed to account for the indisputable fact that Harvard consistently gives Asian-Americans lower scores on their “personal” rating than whites, African-Americans and Hispanics.
  • The court was unable to explain why Harvard did not engage in impermissible racial balancing, when the percentages of Asian-Americans and other racial groups admitted to Harvard have remained virtually unchanged for 10 years.
  • The court improperly dismissed our data and analysis showing that race-based affirmative action would be unnecessary if Harvard eliminated preferences for legacies, children of Harvard faculty and staff, and children of wealthy donors, while boosting applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • The court incorrectly found that race was only a minor factor in the admissions process, when it is, in fact, the overwhelming factor in determining who gets admitted or rejected.








我们西雅图飞来的Asian American Rights Associates (AARA) 志愿者参加了10月14日的波士顿集会之后,15日一早有三位起的比较早有幸与七点半就第一个赶到的赵宇空先生一起,在哈佛案开庭第一天排到仅有的十五个给大众的庭审旁听席位。没有料到进门的安检把所有手机平板都收去寄存不允许带入。身边仅有一张酒店账单,在背面涂鸦草草记录了一些数据。





LWSD Board Director Cassandra Sage讲座通知

AARA非常荣幸地邀请到Lake Washington学区board director Cassandra Sage女士做题为”How to Get Involved in Your Local Public School”的讲座。除分享她22年PTA的经验、教训之外,还将介绍有益于东区各学区华人参与学区和学校志愿活动的资源,以改善一直以来华人对如何参与学区学校事宜深感迷茫的状况。






地点:Redmond Library, Room 1, 15990 NE 85th St, Redmond, WA 98052
时间:10/11 晚7点到9点。



2017年当选,代表LWSD District 3,任期至2021年。此前有22年从小学到高中的PTA经验,目前就职于Seattle Children’s Hospital. 除了丰富的社会经验,她也有不平凡的育儿心得。她的四个儿子中,有UW CS, Math双学位的高材生,有正就读于天才班的中学生,也有physcially challenged需要她承担极其繁重护理的孩子。而且孩子是华裔混血。更详细信息在

1. 本讲座为英语,但定位于board与华人社区的沟通,所以强烈建议分享仅限于华人朋友。
2. AARA作为活动组织方,保留谢绝任何人士入场的权力。由于时间限制,为保证Cassandra女士和所有听众更好互动,AARA也保留问答中间根据需要限制提问时间及停止提问的权力。
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